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Terms and Conditions

Product Dimensions/Information 

All dimensions and weights shown are to be considered approximate as the majority of the products are manufactured in countries using the metric system; most measurements are converted from metric units. Bum Commercial Furniture (hereon referred to as “Bum” / “we”) reserves the right to make improvements to information displayed in our catalogue as well as our website without prior notice.  

Please note that all finishes on our marketing materials and website are approximate due to variation in colour monitors and the processes of photography and printing.  


Some products require assembly; please refer to the instructions included with item packaging or visit our website for information on assembly instructions. If instructions are not available, please contact  


Bum orders items in this catalogue continuously based on historical values; depending on quantity, Quick Ship items should be readily available in stock, however, may have an extended lead time in case of current sell-out, or material shortages. We strive to keep substantial quantities of our bestsellers in stock at all times.  

Special Order 

Bum has access to many items outside of our Quick Ship catalogue. Special order can be placed through Bum, however those items do have a significantly longer lead time, sometimes up to 22 months for items from EMU. Please note that all special order items require a special order form to be signed as well as a 25% deposit taken (in some cases). Once orders are placed, they cannot be cancelled. Customer is responsible for 100% payment of product cost if cancelled. 


All prices published are MSRP and SELL per single unit, and do not including shipping costs, taxes or installation. Due to frequent currency and raw material fluctuations, we reserve the right to change prices without notice. 

All Bum Commercial Furniture dealers (brick and mortar and online) must not sell our products for less than the sell price listed in our current year Quick Ship catalogue and website.  


Please contact your local Bum Commercial Furniture representative for quotes. For a local rep please contact All quotations received from Bum Commercial Furniture or our sales representatives are valid for 30 days unless prolonged in writing. 

Sample Requests 

Fill out the sample request form on our website Bum has the right to deny sample requests if they see fit.  

Placing of Orders 

All orders are to be sent to with your sales representative on CC (if applicable). Orders must be sent in the form of a formal purchase order. These orders are subject to acceptance by Bum. All orders must contain the following information:  

  • Bill to + contact name and phone number 
  • Ship to + contact name and phone number 
  • Proper product codes, colours and quantity required 
  • Requested ship date or required on site date and shipping requirements (I.e. call before, appointment delivery, tailgate delivery, white glove services) and/or state that customer is picking up (Bum does not guarantee delivery by those dates but will do their best to accommodate) 
  • Purchase order number or code 


Order acceptance will be made in the form of a sales order confirmation. This confirmation will include an estimated ship date based on dates the customer has provided. If they are not provided, the “date required” will be noted as the date of the sales order entry. The sales order will also include lead times/estimated warehouse arrivals (EWA) listed on each line item if applicable.  

Sales Order Confirmations must be reviewed for corrections immediately upon receipt. There will be a link provided in which the customer must click and “approve” the order. Without that being done, the order is not yet confirmed and valid. Bum will not be held responsible for any errors or missing information on sales order confirmations. All orders will ship ASAP unless otherwise noted on the purchase order. Please note: if an order is split shipped, backorder shipping charges will apply.  

Accepting the order confirmation online is the customers’ acceptance of all these terms.  

Once shipped, invoices are sent via email with tracking information on the day of the shipment.  


Standard shipping charges apply to all backorders. All backorders will ship once the product becomes available.  

Payments & Credit 

Payment Methods Accepted: EFT / ACH / Company Cheques / E-transfers / Credit Cards (fees may apply). 

Returned cheques are subject to a $100 fee NSF fee.  

Required Deposits 

Each of the following requires a 25% non-refundable deposit and/or a special order form being signed:  

  • Special Order Items 
  • Direct Containers 

In the case where terms have been established with Bum, only the form is required. 


No deductions may be made from remittance without email authorization from Bum Commercial Furniture. 


In the event of delinquency, the customer shall be responsible for all collection costs, including attorney’s fees incurred by Bum Commercial Furniture.  


Should a refund be required due to overpayment, this may only be processed after the completion of the related purchase order. The completion of the purchase order is when the order is shipped and invoiced.  


Special order items, parts, clearance, and cushions are not returnable and non-refundable.  

QuickShip items may be returned within 30 days from the invoice date with an RMA (return merchant authorization). Items must be received in their original condition, in original boxes including all original interior packaging, and palletized for a full refund (or brought directly back to the warehouse for a full refund minus a 25% restocking fee.  

Re-Stocking Fee 

A minimum of 25% restocking fee will be charged for the return of Quick Ship items in their original condition. 

Credit for returns will only be issued after receipt and inspection of returned merchandise. Damaged returns are subject to additional charges incurred to restore goods to their original condition or the customer may reclaim the items if the determined credit amount is insufficient.  

No return of merchandise will be accepted to our distribution centre without our email consent and RMA number, which includes the appropriate shipping instructions. Unauthorized returns will be refused and/or returned freight collect.  

RMA # is only valid for 15 days from the issue date. A copy of the RMA must accompany the returned merchandise, and the RMA # must appear on each carton returned. Any additional cartons needed for return will be charged to your account. No credit will be issued for goods without our email consent.  

Estimated Ship Date 

All estimated ship dates are approximate only. Bum cannot be held responsible for financial damage due to late shipping. All orders are subject to delay or failure of delivery due to problem with source of supply, transportation, war, riots, fire, accidents, compliance with government regulations, strikes, Acts of God, or other causes beyond our control.  


Shipping and routing instructions are required for each third-party shipment. If no such instructions are received, we have the right to ship by carrier of our choice. If billing a third-party, the payer’s discount program will take precedence; please consult your carrier for a freight quote.  

Customer pickup is available from our distribution centre, a pickup appointment must be booked before arrival. The link to do that is If customers come to the warehouse without an appointment they will be turned away, missed pickups may be subject to additional fees.  


If a shipment is refused, re-consigned, re-delivered, storage or additional services are rendered that were not mentioned at the time of the freight quote/shipment, the customer is responsible for all additional charges incurred, and applicable re-stocking fees.  

Freight Quotes 

Freight quotes provided by Bum Commercial Furniture must be sent alongside any orders. If a freight estimate # is not received, freight will be requoted. Please ensure that when requesting a freight quote you send it to with the appropriate information required and/or fill out the form on our website Freight quotes will be done as quickly as possible, please try to keep the number of revisions of freight requests to a minimum so we can serve as many customers as we can in a timely manner.  

Stock Hold/Storage Fees 

Product cannot be reserved or held for over 30 days unless a 25% deposit is received. Orders will be held for up to 6 months. After 6 months, a storage fee of $25+tax will be charged per pallet worth of product. This storage amount will be added to the sales order/invoice and must be paid in full before shipping/pickup or by the payment date noted on your invoice.   

Third-Party Reselling 

Bum Commercial Furniture does not authorize third party reselling (the practice of an authorized Bum Dealer selling Bum to another retailer). Authorized Bum Dealers must be clearly identified and fulfil the order.  

Claims & Damages 

Bum Commercial Furniture carefully packages its products and inspects them thoroughly before they leave the warehouse. Photos are also taken. It is the duty of the receiving party/consignee to inspect and receive all merchandise immediately upon arrival for any visual and/or concealed damage. Effective immediately: all freight deliveries from Bum Commercial Furniture are required to be inspected by the receiving party/consignee before the carrier leaves their facility. A signature and note of any potential damage must be clearly documented in detail on the Bill of Lading.  

If freight damage is discovered after the carrier has left the facility and has not been documented on the Bill of Lading, those damages and/or replacements will be the responsibility of the receiving party/consignee. The product will not be eligible for refund or replacement by Bum Commercial Furniture.  

Products with freight damage from all Third-Party and Collect shipments (including pickups) are not eligible for replacement by Bum Commercial Furniture. Customers must contact their carrier directly.  

Freight Claims & Damages 

VIA 3rd Party 

If a specific carrier was requested on the purchase order, the customer takes full responsibility for all freight issues, including contacting the carrier, damages, losses, and additional freight charges, and claims.  

VIA Carrier 

Before accepting and signing the merchandise from the carrier, inspect all cartons for visible or concealed damage and clearly note any loss or damage on the delivery receipt/Bill of Lading. If there is loss or damage, make an immediate claim with the delivery carrier. In the even of concealed damage, save all cartons and packing materials and notify the freight carrier and Bum Commercial Furniture immediately for inspection. Missing items/parts/hardware claims against us will be considered only if filed with us via our website within 3 days of the delivery date. Failure to make such a claim shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and waived of any defects, errors, or shortages. Bum Commercial Furniture is not responsible for damage or loss incurred in transit. All furniture is shipped at the purchaser’s own risk after it has been inspected and securely package at the distribution centre. It is accepted as such by the freight carrier.  

General Maintenance 

As with any piece of equipment, proper and periodic maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of the product and customer satisfaction. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, please follow our recommended maintenance and care instructions.  

We recommend that the products be examined every 30 days. Items requiring adjustments, showing any sign of structural failure, missing hardware, or showing any cracks at the welds should be taken out of service immediately until repaired. 

Loose screws should be tightened as required and missing or worn-out foot caps must be replaced. To obtain replacement parts, please contact your local sales representative and/or  

Furniture should be handled with care. When chairs are stacked, the stack should not be dragged. Stackable chairs should not be dropped or slammed down when being unstacked. People should not rock back or stand on. 

For storage, all furniture should be stored neatly, stacked to the suggested height, and packed in a clean and dry area. Tables should not be flipped and stacked. Any standing water needs to be removed to avoid damage to the finish. Cushions that are stored for longer periods of time should be stored in a well ventilated area. 

Note: warranty may be voided if proper maintenance or care is not followed. Proof of care and maintenance is required with claims being made.  


Bum Commercial Furniture has a 3 year limited warranty on all products. The limited warranty does not apply to damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, tampering, negligence, abuse or normal wear and tear. All items must be properly assembled and taken care of as per instructions. Upkeep of product (I.e. replacing chair feet) is the responsibility of the customer.  

Warranty is only valid if all parts that can wear (I.e. foot caps) are replaced annually. Parts must be purchased within one month of replacement time and proper maintenance must be followed. Product failure caused by lack of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance is not covered under warranty.